High Performance Pontoons Equipped with The Excavator in The River

High Performance Pontoons Equipped with The Excavator in The River

KUDAT common amphibious excavator undercarriage pontoons including two pieces of pontoons (still left &proper), one mounting frame and two pieces of relationship beams. These regular pontoons can be connected with any kind of higher composition,this sort of as CZPT, Hitachi, CZPT, Kobelco, CZPT…etc.  And all they are only suitable to work on shallow h2o of depth less than 1.five meters.
CZPT specification of KUDAT normal pontoons:

Matched Excavator class (tons) six-8 ten-13 fifteen-twenty eighteen-22 23-26 23-26 thirty-36
5459 7004 7531 8664 9744 10134 10656
1300 1300 1420 1810 1810 1700 1810
1643 1643 1885 1735 1735 1800 1735
4235 4235 4355 5795 5795 6099 5795
two Chains two Chains two Chains 3 Chains 3 Chains three Chains three Chains
Vacation motor brand and product Two Doosan TM22VC Two Doosan TM40VC Two
Doosan TM40VC
Two Doosan TM60VC Two Doosan TM70VC Two
Doosan TM70VC
4 Doosan TM40VC
Total weight (kgs) 9400 15710 13200 20300 22800 22300 26800

Optional layout of the undercarriage pontoons
Facet pontoons and spuds: made for deep h2o of depth 2m-5m
The side pontoons and spuds can be chosen to put in at side of principal pontoons in order to operate on deep water from 2 meters to 5 meters. Spuds size is developed in accordance to the depth of water.
The spuds move up and down by driving motor and lay down by cylinders. There are two types: total-automatic variety and semi-computerized variety.
Extendable and retracted pontoons: developed for total transportation CZPT dis-assembly or narrow operating location.
The width of the undercarriage pontoons can be adaptable from 4.3m to five.3m by hydraulic cylinder or mechanically by buckets.  


High Performance Pontoons Equipped with The Excavator in The River


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