Berries Fresh Juice Full Automatic Production Line

Berries Fresh Juice Full Automatic Production Line

fresh fruit processing plant machine

Uncooked content Refreshing fruits
Finish merchandise Obvious AJC/apple juice concentrate
Brix70~72 in aseptic baggage
Hourly processing capacity  up to 5 MTPH of raw fresh apples
Daily processing capacity  up to one hundred twenty MT/working day, dependent on three shifts
Processing period  60 times (or much more)
Total processing capacity  7200 MT/calendar year
Solitary toughness juice Brix  Average Brix 12, min. ten. and max. Brix 15.
B/A, Acidity, etc.  TBC
Standard juice yield  90%, with double extracting.TBC and enzymation
Squander materials  Peel and extra pulp
Evaporator juice inlet  4000 Kg/hr 12. °Brix
Evaporated capacity  up to 4000 L/hr (1st effect eighty °C)
Concentrate outlet capacity  up to 685 Kg/hr (in=12,°Brix / out=70 °Brix)
Concentrate outlet Brix  70 to seventy two °Brix (adjustable)
Packaging  Aseptic baggage

 A1  Fresh apple getting pool  1
 A2  CZPT flume  1
 A3  Bucket elevator with pump  1
 A4  Air-blowing & washing channel  1
 A5  Fruit washing and sorting combiner  1
 A6  Waste fruit discharge conveyor  2
 A7 Drinking water filtration & recycling device for merchandise A 1

B1 HL bucket elevator 1
 B2  Hammer chopper
(Geared up with some knives and rotors) one
 B3  Chopping system 1
 B4 Buffer tank one
 B5  Screw pumps  2
 B6  Continuous belt press/1st stage
(with 1 set of belt as standby) 1
B7 Screw conveyor  1
B8 Screw pump one
B9 Getting tank one
B10 Screw pump one
 B11 Steady belt push/2nd phase
(with 1 set of belt as standby) one
 B12 Functioning system for pressing  1
 B13 Peels & seeds screw conveyor  1
 B14  Balance tank for raw juice  1
B15 Integrated upstream manage system  1
 C1  Plate heat exchanger one
 C2  Enzymation tanks(1000L,double-layer) 4
 C3  Enzyme dosing unit one
 C4 Operation system one
 C5  Centrifuge pump one
 C6  Disk centrifuge separator one
 C7  Buffer  tank  1
 C8  Ultrafiltration Unit 1
 C9 Sectional manage technique one
D1 Buffer  tank two
D2 Tri-influence slipping movie vacuum evaporator   1
D3 Management program for product C  1
D4 Procedure platform  1
D5 Screw pump  2
 E1  balance tank  1
 E2  Plate UHT sterilizer  1
 E3  Control system  1
F1  Single-head aseptic filler  1
 F2  Drum infeed and exit rollers one
 F3  Label printing station  1
 F4 Management program 1
G1 tin can washer one
G2 Tin can filling and seaming monobloc for two hundred~600g tin cans 1
G3 constant pasteurizing & cooling system 1
G4  air dryer  1
G5 Labeling machinery 
G6  ink coder(Linx)  1
G7 top chain conveying system  1


Berries Fresh Juice Full Automatic Production Line


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